The first of its kind in the world, and of course in Israel, this program will feature top experts from the Barça Innovation Hub to address the new challenges faced by sports, tech, and management leaders. Throughout 8 high-level sessions, the participants will learn about sports business best practices, how to best deal with the emerging technologies that are disrupting the industry, but also perfect their leadership skills. The program will provide an immersion in the Sports Technology industry and the new rules it sets on and off the field. 


Barça Innovation Hub is a key strategic project that aims to leverage FC Barcelona’s know-how to rethink the future of the sports industry. Barça Innovation Hub promotes research & innovation under an open and collaborative culture, working closely with leading brands, universities, research centres, and start-ups from around the world.


Every participant will receive, upon completion of the program, a certificate issued by Barça Innovation Hub & Colosseum.

Keynote Lecturers

Ramon Jesus  FC Barcelona – BIM Information Manager
Enric Llopart  FC Barcelona – Digital Director
Marcos Picalló Aguilar FC Barcelona – Barça Universitas Manager
Miquel Torregrosa Triviño FC Barcelona – Head of Digital Transformation

Albert Mundet

Director of Barça Innovation Hub at FC Barcelona

Albert is a former physicist and Fulbright Fellow with a multidisciplinary background and extensive experience in Innovation Management across different sectors. Passionate about implementing open innovation strategies he is a strong advocate for building innovation platform across multiple entities

Tim Deschamps

Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

With experience in both the sports (LFP, Roland-Garros) and technology industries, Timothée’s knowledge of the international sports market and passion for tech innovations merge to scale Colosseum activities. Timothée holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Masters in Disruptive Innovation & Public Policies from France’s top university (SciencesPo Paris), along with a year-long business management program from the University of Florida, USA.


Big Data & Smart Facilities
This module will provide specific knowledge and insights about the possibilities offered by technology to design new sport facilities and experiences. The role of data will be deeply analyzed in the construction of augmented stadiums and facilities, offering connected and immersive experiences.
Game & Performance Technologies
This module examines the recent developments in performance optimization technologies. The opportunities and challenges brought by the use of AI-powered algorithms and computer vision technology to boost teams performance field will be explored. The module will allow participants to define the right balance between technology and the team’s needs.
Sports Leadership & Digital Innovation
In a changing sports environment, this module aims to train leaders with a new entrepreneurial mindset and methods. With innovation at the core, it explores how sports leaders can successfully implement digital transformation strategies at all levels of an organization. It will also tackle various aspects (media, investment, team management) of sports leadership and mix it with the best practices from the tech world.
Mobile Experiences & Engagement
Fans are more than ever at the center of the game, growing in numbers but also demanding more customized and intimate interactions with their favorite teams. This module will dive into fan engagement solutions by focusing on the digital marketing strategies of sports organizations. The importance of collecting quantitative and qualitative data and the corresponding technologies and skills will be also explored.

Thursdays 17:00 to 21:15
Fridays 9:00 to 13:15


Due to a limited number of seats, we cannot guarantee that every applicant will be selected to attend.

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