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3 months




English & Spanish


6-8 hours/week


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From the beginning of sports, injuries are very common in people involved in different motor actions they are subjected to throughout their sports lives. Currently, athletes are exposed to possible detrimental situations because of the high requirement levels that competing schedules present. The time players have to remain out of the field will depend on the gravity of the injury. Apart from having an impact on the athltes, this situation also affects the composition of the team and the institutional economy. Because of this, with the passing of the years, the role of readaptation specialist has become essential within the club interdisciplinary working teams.


This programme is aimed at those professionals in sports science and health who are interested in expanding their knowledge in readaptation of muscle injuries. Accordingly, the knowledge is presented from two essential aspects: on the one hand, the updated scientific information about the developed topics, and, on the other hand, Juanjo Brau’s experience, a professional who offers 30 years of work in the high performance practice field. Thus, a proposal analysed from the different points of view that form a player’s injury will be presented. The approach consists of a pedagogical construct that suggests the reduction of the distance between the theory and the practise.


From the point of view of the Barcelona Football Club, throughout this programme the participant will be able to analyse and interpret a work proposal consistent with the need for relearning the approach of injuries through an optimised management of such injuries. With that in mind, initiating readaptation processes according to the involved muscle pathology is key, respecting the inflammatory and regeneration steps, while the different athletes’ structures and abilities interrelate and connect. In pursuit of an improvement in the interpretation of the presented theoretical framework, participants will be provided with practical examples, which are not considered to be offered as “recovery recipes”, but as tools based on the theory, in a specific context, and applied to particular needs in particular moments. In the end, the practical material will try to organise the theoretical concepts used, which are essential in the daily decision-making during professional practice. This experience will finish with asynchronous Master classes, where the expert will deepen and complement all the information learned about the topic and contents discussed previously


Learning to manage injuries through a correct integrated analysis in which qualitative and quantitative factors are associated, allowing an optimised process of readaptation in the athlete.


Recording the components forming part of an injury, starting with the type and mechanism, including each ones diagnostic and prognosis.


Identifying the steps involved in the process of readaptation in order to get an optimised decision-making.


Understanding the player physical demands to identify the specific needs during the process of readaptation.


Designing field tasks according to the type of injury and depending on the athlete’s specific demands.