The sports industry is under disruption, and we at Colosseum believe in the power of education to apprehend this new world. This is why we built SET, a range of offline programs designed to bridge the gap between the sports & tech worlds so that Sports Embrace Technology. Ready, SET, go!

Barça Innovation Hub & Colosseum Sports Tech Management Program

The STM Program is a first of its kind educational journey into the sports tech world addressed to sports industry leaders. The program provides an immersion in the sports technology ecosystem, and the new rules it sets on and off the field. The participants learn about sports business best practices, how to best deal with the emerging technologies that are disrupting the industry, and also perfect their leadership skills. 

The first edition was led in partnership with the Barça Innovation Hub, featuring top guest speakers from FC Barcelona and bringing together 20 other innovators, providing invaluable insights into the evolution of sports for the participants. Colosseum is already building the next edition, check our LinkedIn for updates!

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Handzone by HIT

Handzone is a pioneering program led by the Holon Institute of Technology. Run in partnership with Colosseum, its first-round focuses on product ideas in the areas of health, sports, and wellness, with an emphasis on the combination of physiology and technology. In six intensive month of planning, development, and teamwork, together with Colosseum expertise and the HIT academic experts, the students’ teams will have the ability to reach MVP in a short period and to provide future solutions to real needs of the sports, wellness and health industries.

Digital tools in a changing world

In 2019, it is estimated that 2.6B+ people are using social media worldwide. Being offline is not an option and through our program “Digital tools in a changing world”, we aim to teach sports professionals the importance of becoming a community leader on top of being a sports leader.

In collaboration with Podium and the Wingate Institute, Colosseum brought this program to elite and Olympic coaches to close the gap between their top-notch offline expertise and their timid online presence. The coaches gained the ability to position themselves as community leaders in the digital, international and connected world, allowing them to reach further in terms of monetizable opportunities, fan engagement strategies and professional positioning. Sounds exciting? Reach out to us here for further information.

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Sport Tech Lectures

The world of sports is changing rapidly with technologies and innovative solutions and we at Colosseum are inviting you to dive into an exciting journey into the future of sports. We deliver high-impact lectures to give your audience a glimpse of what tomorrow looks like for the sports industry. To book our experts and find out more, please email us at