Colosseum aims to accelerate the adoption of technologies in the sports industry, thus building a new generation of sports experiences. We organize a range of exciting social occasions to gather sports tech people, present the most disruptive technologies, and reflect on the future of sports, join the journey!

Sports Tech Nation 2019

Colosseum Sports Tech Nation is the international event of the sports tech industry, gathering prominent leaders to discuss the latest trends, and providing investors and key players unique opportunities to get acquainted with the most disruptive ventures from the industry.


Sports Tech Nation

Colosseum Sports Tech Summit is an annual exclusive gathering of international leaders in the sports tech ecosystem and a unique opportunity for investors and key-players to get acquainted with disruptive ventures in the industry. Last year, 350+ guests and 25+ speakers attended, representing 15+ countries, and enjoyed experts panel discussions & keynotes on topical sports tech topics, private meetings, and countless networking opportunities. 

Sport & Business – Sport Biz

As a partner to the Sport Biz Conference, Colosseum brings the most disruptive technologies and runs the Sports Tech Innovation Track to tackle key challenges faced by sports industry professionals and to introduce industry latest trends. 

This year, Sport Biz hosted 600+ senior sports leaders and the biggest players of the sports business world from Israel and abroad to learned about the technological solutions brought by Colosseum. We can’t wait to count you amongst them at next year’s edition.

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Huddle – Meet Ups

The Huddle is Colosseum’ series of small and mid-size events that aim to tackle specific sports tech topics by bringing together the best experts of the field for an informal discussion and networking session. Some of the previous episodes of the Huddle focused on topics as diverse as innovation in skiing, the smart ball, or even fan-ownership technologies. The next episode will be announced soon, don’t miss it: follow us on LinkedIn!