Certificado en Psicologia del Deporte pa


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4 months




English & Spanish


6-8 hours/week


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For an athlete, going into a competition means giving it their all. What is being dealt with is the fine-tuning of their physical conditions in a variable environment, with the objective of achieving the best possible performance. All too often, the athlete, capable of sweating it out and overcoming pain and fighting exhaustion, is aware that, ultimately, the most significant effort comes from a muscle called the MIND, which, of course, must also be trained.


In this sense, as professionals who interact with athletes, we must be able to understand an athlete’s holistic development, including the biophysical and psychosocial domains, and we must be able to apply this knowledge to training.

In the Certificate in Sport Psychology for Athletes Development, Ana Merayo covers the main tools that will enable you to provide better support to high-level athletes. You will learn how to work within and with the different areas so that the athlete can perform at their highest in all environments and increase their talent and success as a result.

Upon completion of this certificate, you will know how to holistically support an athlete, taking into account the diverse facets that make up a player’s life.


Developing and driving competencies to obtain tools that allow better support for the high-level athlete with the final objective of achieving the highest performance in all areas.


• Acquire a holistic view of the sports world to focus on the prevention of risky situations, through knowledge of the context and the actors in the different sports environments.

• Work in a team and generate communication channels between multidisciplinary teams.

• Manage specific strategies to support a dual career and understand the different transitions in an athlete's life.

• Manage different techniques for psychological interventions adapted to an athlete's needs.

• Implement intervention strategies to train high-performance athletes in attention, concentration, and motivation, as well as the management of variables to control anxiety and stress.