Sports Tech education

Learn about the future of sports

The sports industry is under disruption. The way we hear, see, and connect to sport has changed dramatically and it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Colosseum wants to invite you to dive into an outstanding journey to the future of sport, where technology is playing a key role, whether you connect to the sport life as a parent, fan or athlete.

Barça Innovation Hub & Colosseum Sports Tech Management Program

Starting on June 20th, this program is the first of its kind in the world, and of course in Israel. It will feature top experts from the Barça Innovation Hub to address the new challenges faced by sports, tech, and management leaders. Throughout 8 high-level sessions, the participants will learn about sports business best practices, how to best deal with the emerging technologies that are disrupting the industry, but also perfect their leadership skills. The program will provide an immersion in the Sports Technology industry and the new rules it sets on and off the field. 

Handzone by HIT

The program’s first round will be in partnership with Colosseum and will focus on product ideas in the areas of health, sports, and wellness, with emphasis on the combination of physiology and technology.

In six intensive month of planning, development, and teamwork, together with Colosseum expertise and the HIT academic experts, the teams will have the ability to reach MVP in a short period of time and to provide future solutions to real needs of the sports, wellness and health industries.

Sports Tech Lectures

Orel and Oren partnered on the field 20 for years, starting from grassroots and going all the way up to the Israeli premier league.

Orel Greenfield is a top international FIFA / UEFA referee. On the biggest stage of the soccer world, the Champions League, he has refereed prestigious teams including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Milan AC, Chelsea, Valencia, and counting.

Oren Simanian is a serial entrepreneur and one of the key-figures of the Israeli startup ecosystem. He combined his two passions by focusing on sport tech innovation. In 2017, he launched Colosseum Sport, the most advanced sports tech innovation group worldwide.

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