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4 months




English & Spanish


6-8 hours/week


100% Online

At Futbol Club Barcelona (FCB) and Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) we believe the appropriate nutrition is essential to support player health and performance. A greater understanding of the physical demands of football has allowed a more scientific approach to training/match preparation and the manipulation of macronutrient ingestion to support training and match day performance and recovery.


The aim of the course is to teach the core principles for nutrition for football. Each module will summarize the key topics in sports nutrition based from peer reviewed research, review articles as well as expert consensus statements. The course provides a comprehensive learning experience which will not only inform the candidate on “how” to implement sports nutrition strategies but importantly ensure they understand “why” nutrition is important.


Providing an evidence-based approach to sports nutrition allows a consistent message with regard to nutrition education which in turn informs practice. This is something FCB and GSSI together have been partnering to achieve over the last 5 years. The Certificate in Sports Nutrition for Football now provides the platform to share our learnings to the wider global football community.


Achieve knowledge and understanding of the main food groups and their roles in player nutrition; appreciate the factors that determine energy balance; understand the effects of exercise on nutrient requirements and the effects of nutritional manipulation on football performance; understand the effects of dehydration on the physiological responses to football exercise; be aware of the place of dietary supplements in football.


• Master core principles of nutrition for football.

• Understand the role of macronutrients for football performance.

Identify fluid needs and micronutrient requirements for football.

• Implement uses and best practices of dietary supplementation for football