May 2021

For me, [the best part] was really the global nature of the program. Close to 80% of our business is in North America, so having the opportunity to learn from people from all over the world and getting different perspectives is invaluable for me. I see myself being able to reach out to any of you moving forward, to connect on different projects, startups, and you are welcome to reach out at any time. 

Lorin Hamlin

Senior Lead, Innovation Partnerships at Under Armour


Sports Tech Management Executive Program for sports and technology leaders! ​


Sports Tech Management is increasingly defined today by the ability to think innovatively and incorporate new technologies to improve the performance across all aspects of a sports organization. Consequently, we created this unique 4-modules program merging practical knowledge and proven models to provide our participants with new skills on how to harness the power of some of the world’s most disruptive technologies. 


Join the other leaders that already seized this opportunity. 



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Best Innovation Practices and Management in Sports

Technologies for Competitive Advantage

New Revenue Channels

Personal & Organizational Positioning in the Sports Tech Ecosystem



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I really enjoyed the program. It provided me with a good perspective of the sports tech landscape. The guest speakers were interesting, engaging and communicated a diverse range of views from different areas within the sector. The opportunity to meet and collaborate with the other executives from across the globe, who possessed knowledge and experience from a host of different industries, was also extremely insightful". 

Michael Leahy
Policy Advisor & Strategic Project Coordinator at FIFPRO

 It was really nice to get to know people from different places and to sharpen our English. I want to congratulate Colosseum - innovation and technology is a huge topic! People have different interests, from fan engagement to sports enhancement, and to make it interesting for everybody is a huge challenge to begin with. I think you managed to balance the different topics, I salute you for that! Personally, what I take from this: as you know, I represent a non-profit organization (the Israeli Paralympic Committee), and when you come from a non-profit organization,  high tech and innovation might be a contradiction “to the DNA” of such an organization (one where you “make money” and we are asking for money for support). There is a gap between the image and the history of these two entities. I feel like following this course I can bridge this gap. Money is not a bad word for a non-profit organization, I think we can utilize some of our inventions and some stretegies we use with our paralympic athletes and we can actually make a profit from it. I have a lot of ideas following this course".

Dr. Osnat Fliess Douer

Director of Science and Technology at the Israel Paralympic Committee

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