Oren Simanian


Key-figure in the Israeli start-up ecosystem | Speaker | Senior Strategic Innovation Advisor.
• Founder of StarTAU, at Tel-Aviv University, internationally renowned Entrepreneurship Center. Founded 2009. One of the most active startup communities in Israel.
• Founder of OTWOI Innovation Group, Oren marches forth initiative with international and Israeli companies such as Phillip Morris, Kodak, Indiegogo and more.
• Part of innovation activities related to Sport, Energy, Tourism.
• Selected as one of the ten most influential founders in the Israeli startup ecosystem by the Startup Guide Tel Aviv 2017.
• Startup community managers’ (SCM) forum in Israel (250 members) running over 160 startup communities.
• And exciting to share that he is part of the team that builds Israel Innovation Center: The Peres Center for peace and Innovation. (Named after the 9th president of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres).
Oren is active for more than ten years in the Israeli and international Entrepreneurship & Innovation scene, with 65 international entrepreneurial talks including TEDx, 150+ Events, 20+ programs, and various innovation forums. In order to foster the entrepreneurial inclusion (promoting tech ecosystems in different sectors and segments) and consolidate and build methods for the future.
Oren Studied Accounting and economics at TAU, Tel Aviv University. Ranked 9th in the world for producing successful startup founders, according to the 2017 PitchBook. Home for 50% of the successful Israeli entrepreneurs.