Victoria Mock

International Team Member | Canada

After swimming competitively for 15 years, Victoria has experience in performing at the international level. From winning multiple national medals to competing at the Olympic trials, Victoria represented Canada worldwide as an Open Water swimmer. From lakes to oceans, to rivers, and training close to 80 kilometers per week alongside Olympians, she has physically and mentally experienced the challenges of the elite sport. The highest achievement of her swimming career was finishing in the Top 8 at a Fina World Cup event. Currently, she studies Pacific and Asian Studies with a minor in Business at the University of Victoria. She was a co-host of the 2018 Colosseum Sports Tech Summit which brought together over 300 distinguished guests from all around the world for a chance to make lasting connections that will further impact the growing sports industry. After an eye-opening experience at the forefront of the start-up nation, Victoria is a passionate international team member at Colosseum and is in the midst of making innovative changes specifically towards the swimming community.