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Colosseum is an International Sports Innovation Group, headquartered in Tel Aviv.

Our Values


Sports change lives, technology is a life changer.
This is no easy task, it requires devotion: we are passionate.


High performance comes from hard training:

we focus on results.


The world is small, emotions are everywhere: we think human, we are global.


Together, we are stronger.

In the ups and downs:

we are teammates. 


Experiences should feel good, and it goes for sports, too.

We are experience-obsessed. 


Oren Simanian

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Founder & CEO, Colosseum Group

On top of 20 years as a professional soccer referee and FIFA futsal referee, Oren is a key figure in the Israeli startup ecosystem. As an active entrepreneur for the past 12 years, he has led numerous ventures in different markets around the globe. Besides Colosseum, he also founded StarTAU, a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship center at Tel Aviv University, and co-founded TAU Ventures. 

Leadership Team


Fernanda Rojtenberg

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Chief Marketing Officer, Colosseum Group

With more than six years of experience in the Brazilian market with Rio 2016 and the 2014 World Cup on her list, Fernanda brings a mix of sports, marketing and fashion background to lead the marketing team. She graduated with a masters from the international school Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) and a bachelor’s degree from one of Brazil’s most prestigious universities, Pontíficia Universidade Católia (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro.


Tomer Yehudayan

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Head of Knowledge, Colosseum Group & Managing Director, Academy

Tomer’s experience in professional sports and deep understanding of the Israeli Sports Tech Community makes him the leader of Colosseum’s education and innovation activities in the country. As the head of Colosseum Sports Tech Academy, he thrives on always creating new business opportunities for the whole Sports Tech ecosystem.

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Naor Galili

Advisor & Board Member

Naor Galili is the CEO of Maccabi Israel, which is an umbrella organization for Israeli sports teams that supports thousands of teams, from different sports, located all over Israel. Naor is a also a member of the Israeli Olympic Committee executive board.

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Yoav Bruck

Advisor & Board Member

Yoav Bruck is a former Israeli Olympic swimmer who represented Israel and competed in three consecutive Olympic games, Yoav also served as the Sports Chairman of the 2013 Maccabi Games in Israel. In 1999, Yoav partnered with ISSTA, Israel’s largest travel group, to build ISSTA Sport. In 2015, Kenes Tours became a member of the ISSTA Sport family. Today, Yoav is the president and a co-owner of ISSTA Sport and Kenes Tours.

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